Our Farm

CeFAS is practicing sustainable agriculture and forestry in its 220-acre-farm located in Mbaraara village, Bulyango parish in Kitoba sub-county as a mean of generating income for self-sustainability and its community projects.

In previous years basic infrastructure such as water and power supply, road access as well as a 10-bed room guest and office house was established. The farm is divided into agricultural, agro-forestry and forestry plots.

AGRICULTURE: Maize, Beans, Soya Beans and Cassava. Vegetable growing such as carrots, tomatoes, eggplant and cabbages for farm consumption.

AGRO-FORESTRY: Banana (Matooke) intercropped with Coffee and/or Cocoa.

FORESTRY: Pine, Eucalyptus, Giant Lira, Mahogany, Musizi, Agrevelia, Moringa and Fruit Forests (Mango, Paw paw, Avocado, etc.). The seedlings are raised in our tree nursery.

Our main activities include (but are not limited to)

  • Establishment of a self-sustaining farm
  • Consultancy for forest and farm development
  • Exposure visits for farmers and learners in sustainable agricultural and forestry practices
  • Improvement of farmers’ access to skills, knowledge and inputs
  • Development of inclusive agricultural value chains
  • Offer a platform to pilot test innovative agricultural ideas and solutions
  • Development and implementation of community projects in health and education

Sharing Resources and Knowledge

Farmers have access to mechanization services such as a tractor, carrier, maize threshing machine, maize mill, clean drinking water for household consumption, visit of demonstration sites, trainings and tree seedlings. Contact us for more information.